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Dr. Duraini is my husband, and of course in my opinion, the greatest dentist alive.  But perhaps I'm a bit partial - dental pun intended. 🙂

Hind R.
Advanced Dental Lounge & Implants

We've entrusted our family's dental care to Dr. Duraini for years. His unmatched care and expertise make him our trusted choice. The new office, with its modern and well-equipped facility, adds to our excitement about the excellent care we receive.

Donia R.

I needed to find out what the 'Lounge' experience was all about. From the minute I stepped in, the staff was friendly, the environment was calming and I felt at ease. I didn't feel like I was going to a dentists office. I felt pampered and enjoyed my visit. The office is very clean and nice. Dr. Duraini is the best, he was super sweet and professional. I get nervous with dentists and he made me feel at ease and did an excellent job.

Ami P.

From the first day I have stepped foot into this office, I have found nothing but professionalism and skilled individuals. This is a new and very, very clean facility. Dr. Duraini spent the time to truly explain what was going on based on the imaging and his findings This place is worth every penny. I would definitely suggest anyone to come here.Those stars are not an exaggeration!

Nour R.

Dr Duraini is an extremely skilled and personable dentist. Two qualities that’s rare to find in doctors. Dr Baha Duraini is my husbands brother. He gifted me a very generous and life changing wedding gift 12 years ago. He gifted me a set of natural looking veneers. I broke my two front teeth at a young age and have always had issues with my teeth. Dr Duraini helped my confidence tremendously. Thank you Dr Duraini. I’m looking forward to being a patient in your new location.

Mazen D.

Got my first root canal ever here. Was nervous about it but Dr. Duraini was awesome. I didn’t feel a thing. And the whole experience made me feel reassured that I could indeed get back on the right track with my teeth. Dr. Duraini has helped me set up a game plan for how to tackle any tooth pain I may have and how to better care for my teeth. Turns out I wasn’t using the best toothbrush nor was I flossing properly. Oh, and the look and ambiance of this place is too cool. And it doesn’t hurt that there’s good tunes. Very chill place to get dental work done. Super friendly staff. I even got a little gift bag when I was all done with some awesome little trinkets and chocolate. Felt like being a kid again and getting to pick out your favorite candy after getting a filling. Thanks Dr. D!

Tyson S.
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